Chris's Picks

Steel Cut_Oats_008_A

Also called Pinhead Oats. I hated oatmeal when I was a kid. It was gooey and slimy. We didn't have Steel Cut Oats back then.  They were available only in high-end import shops and health food stores. Mom only bought rolled oats because they were cheaper (she WAS of Scottish descent after all).  We sell Steel Cut Oats for the same price as the wall-paste variety. Soak the oats (one cup oats to one cup water) overnight.  Then throwing in another cup of water before cooking in the morning for very quick oats without the glue.

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This Lebanese product is really more of a sweet chunky confit. Serve it at Tea with a soft spreadable goat cheese like Greek Manouri or French Chevre and some not-too-sweet cookies and no one will miss the crumpets. Especially if the tea is Turkish and served in tall clear glasses.

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A completely taste free, high smoking point oil. Canola oil has a gassy/cabbage like odor to it, and peanut oil does taste a little like peanuts but grapeseed oil is completely neutral and has some of the same health benefits as red wine without the alcohol. The French use it to make perfect mayonnaise. PFI carries a couple of brands.