Devlin's Picks


We sell Caputo brand 00, considered the best of its class.  It is the premier flour for pizza and fresh pasta but can be used for most of your everyday purposes as well.  It is milled from very soft wheat and has less bran and germ than similar conventional domestic flours, making it fine and silky.


Although these are often associated with Morocco, all olive-producing places have their own version.  Ours come from California and they are top-notch.  One great thing about these olives besides their taste and texture is that they require no refrigeration whatsoever.


I think I might like this stuff more than plain old dried apricots.  It's my favorite trail snack.  Be careful of imitation!


You get a lot of mileage out of the cubes of soap, especially if you let them dry out on the window sill for a while.  This soap is uncomplicated and will not dry out the skin or leave an unpleasant film.


 Nachos.  Super nachos.  Extreme nachos.  You'll need pickled jalapeƱos for these applications, as well as for anything else you can imagine that calls for something hot and vinegary.