kelleysbikeKelly's Picks


Lookes like an oil-cured olive but not salty.  Slight sweetness, lovely flavor and meaty.  What more can you ask from an olive?



Organic and cooks in 1 minute.  Excellent fast food.


A Lebanese customer told me to add some garlic - the perfect touch.  A crowd-pleaser for sure.


Top of the line in an olive oil choice.  Complex and rounded.  For those times when you want something special.

cheesebrand Landana-goats-cheese-MILD_web

Mild with a touch of sweetness.  If you don't think you like goat cheese this one may change your mind.


I wasn't much of a black tea drinker until I tried this one, now I'm converted.  A touch of milk makes for the perfect bit of comfort in a cup.