Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I bring in containers for my olive or feta brine? 

A:  Absolutely!  We encourage it.  We'll weigh your container, then fill it with the product desired.  We'll enter the container's weight into the scale so it is deducted from the total weight of the product.  Only after we have figured out your cost will we add the brine to the container.  This way, you're not charged for the weight of the container or the brine.

If you don't bring in your own containers, we're happy to provide you with a bag for your feta cheese or your olives but we can not put brine in bags.  We've had too many complaints regarding leakage.

Q:  Do you sell olive and feta buckets or olive oil cans?

A:  We don't sell them, no.   And we never know when we'll have empty buckets available.  But when there are buckets available, we stow them in the room just to the left of the front door (the room we call "the dungeon" - behind the purple be-starred door).   Once they're in there, they're free for the taking.  Obviously, this is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Olive oil cans are rarer, but we do occasionally have empties.  It never hurts to ask.

Q:  Can I bring in containers for my bulk section purchases?

A:  Again, absolutely!  Feel free to bring in your containers.  You'll want to make sure the "tare weight" (of the container) is printed clearly on the container so that the staff member can deduct that weight when charging you for the product inside.

We provide bags in the bulk section if you don't bring your own containers.

Q:  Do you have a parking lot?

A:  We have reserved parking spaces in the lot surrounding the building we're in.  These are clearly marked as reserved for PFI.  Please do not park in any space not marked as reserved for PFI as this may result in Diamond Parking Services writing a ticket (usually around $40) for doing so.  There's not a lot we can do about it once this happens so it pays to double-check the space you're parking in.