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Our selection of cheeses, which are predominantly of European origin, includes everything from the soft-and-gooey to the hard-and-salty, stinky and mild, raw and pasteurized sheep, goat and cow cheeses. Our cheese case is a must-visit destination all by itself. We cut to order and never vacuum seal anything. We pride ourselves on freshness, quality, and knowledge of our cheeses. We love to give samples and share our favorites. Remember, looks can be deceiving, it's eating that's believing!

A fairly complete list of our cheeses can be found here.

oliveslargeWe have a large selection of olives available in bulk behind our cheese counter.  That selection varies with availability.

Here is a list of those typically in stock.


  • There is a one-pound minimum purchase of olives per variety from the bulk olives section. 
  • If you wish to have brine for your brined olives (not all of them have brine),  you should bring a container with a tight fitting lid to hold it in.

  • bulksection

    Here you'll find a wide selection of bulk salts, grain, beans, herbs, spices, flour, sugar and nuts from all over the world.  We have farro, barley, Caputo pizza flour, dried garbanzos, sumac, granulated garlic, Dutch-process cocoa powder, chipotles, star anise and much, much more.  There is no minimum purchase in the bulk section - from a single nutmeg to 55 pounds of semolina:  get what you need.  You may bring your own containers (be sure to get their weights, though, so we don't charge you for them) or use our bags. 

    For many customers, the bulk section is the heart of the Big John's PFI experience.

    You've asked for an online listing of our bulk products - here it is.

    If you would like full bags of flour, beans, or rice, please give us a call a day in advance at 206-682-2022 so we can make sure we have enough in stock.

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    We have Prosciutto di Parma & Speck from Italy; Serrano Ham & chorizo from Spain; and salami & other cured meats from the United States.  We feature such brands as Zoe and Columbus.  From little salamini secchi to hugely flavorful Finnochiona salami - we have the meats your antipasti plates or party platters need and the ones you crave.  We also have soujouk  and bastirma in stock as available.  Note that while Big John's PFI does not slice meat, we do have a nice assortment of pre-sliced meats on offer.

    oilsHere on our shelves there is olive oil from Italy (including some lovely single-source ones from Sicily), Spain, France, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece and Israel.  We have olive oils for nearly every budget.  Our staff pride themselves on being able to help our customers find the perfect olive oil to fit their needs and culinary ambitions

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  • pasta050411It would be a job just listing all the pastas we stock.  Our main pasta wall, however, is stocked with Barilla, De Cecco, Rio Murgia and Primo brand pastas.  Our specialty pasta section is another matter.  We carry several brands, but of great interest, perhaps, are our pastas made of alternative grains such as kamut, rice and corn.  We also carry Monastiri brand Greek pastas.

    tomatoes051111 smallWhat kind of Mediterranean grocer would we be without a large selection of tomato products?  We have San Marzanos, organics, Italian, domestic, chopped, peeled, cherry, sun-dried and many different styles of paste. 

    We also have a huge pasta sauce selection.

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  • vinegar

    No matter what food writers might have you believe, there's more vinegar than just Balsamic Vinegar (as good as Balsamic Vinegar is).  We carry vinegar made from Sherry, cider, rice wine, white wine and Champagne.  We carry vinegar flavored with tarragon, berries and figs.  And, yes, we carry Balsamic Vinegar of many grades.  Your salad will be happy.

    coffeetea051111 smallWe carry PG Tips, Yerba Mate, Turkish Apple & Sour Cherry Teas, Twinings teas, and many others besides.  We carry Turkish coffee, Italian coffees (espresso and drip grinds) and Greek coffees.  We also carry espresso powder for your Tiramisu needs. 

    fishseafood051111 smallWe have anchovies salted, in vinegar and in oil.  We have bacala (salt cod) and seasonally we have fresh-frozen Bristol Bay salmon.  We have sardines and tuna in oil (including As Do Mar brand Portuguese tuna in several varieties).  We have calamari, herring, octopus, escargot and baby clams. 

    And, yes, we have Riga smoked sprats. 

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  • middleeast051111Rose and orange blossom water, tahini, dolmades, pomegranate molasses, date syrup, grape leaves, harissa, rock candy, Greek gigante beans, baba ganouj, apricot paste, preserved lemons - you'll find them all, and much more, right here.

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  • dutchproductsAside from all the gouda-style cheeses we have, we also have a large assortment of cookies, syrups, candies and flatbreads from The Netherlands.  We have stroopwafels and apple syrup and licorice (flavored, plain and salty), chocolate bars, spreads and more.   And don't forget the dutch cheeses.  Those are some of the best that we carry.

    jamsandjelliesDon't you want great marmalade for your crumpets or scones?  Don't you love lemon curd?   How about rose petal jam?  How about fig or apricot preserves?  And we have raspberry preserves and strawberry preserves and mango jam.  We have honey from Greece, Italy, and New Zealand. This is one of the tastiest sections of our stores.

    Articles related to jams and jellies:

  • Honey
  • ChocolateBulk2 319123636_stdWe have big blocks of Callebaut and Guittard chocolate in milk, semi-sweet, bittersweet and white chocolate varieties.  We also have chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, cocoa powders, and pastilles in varying cocoa percentages. 

    We have a wide variety of candies and confections, including Turkish delight, Dutch Salmiak Licorice, Jordan Almonds, chocolate bars from Chocolove, Santander, and Lindt. Tons of candies from Italy, France, Germany, Holland, and the Middle East. 

    soapsWe have Greek, Turkish and Lebanese olive oil soaps.  We love 'em.  Several of us use 'em at home ourselves.  Give them a shot - your skin will love you for it.

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