sicilySicily, situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, has an arid, dry climate that happens to be perfect for producing olives. Once the breadbasket of the Roman Empire, Sicily still produces much of Italy’s olive crop. We carry a large selection of Sicilian olives and olive oils. Sicilian Olive Oils are typified by their grassy green flavor and their peppery finish.

Our favorite unfiltered Sicilian oil is Frantoia, a blend of three different types of olives, the Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola, and Biancolilla varieties. This oil is still pressed using the “Frantoio”, the traditional granite mill that has been used on the island for thousands of years. This oil is produced and packed in Palermo, and comes in liter and ½ liter bottles.

The company that produces Frantoia also produces a great filtered oil, Monte Pollino di Trappeto. This oil is made from 100% Ogghiaredda olives, and has a fruity taste and rich buttery texture. ½ liter bottles only.

We also carry two wonderful filtered oils from the town of Partanna, in the centre of Sicily’s olive region. These oils are both single origin oils, which means that all the olives come from a single farm and are not mixed with oil from any other source.

Maestri is 100% Nocellara del Belice olives, while Partanna brand is a spicier blend from a nearby farm. Both are packaged in the town’s collective bottling plant in distinctive blue and red tins in ½ liter, liter and 3 liter sizes.

We are also proud to carry an organic oil produced in Partanna called Paesanol. It is a rich unfiltered oil that is produced from olives crushed within 24 hours of harvest to ensure freshness and flavor. Paesanol is 100% organic, Kosher certified and pesticide free. It has a wonderful texture and flavor, The one liter bottle is a good value.

Sicily’s climate is also perfect for citrus production, and olives and citrus come together in two new styles of Olio Agrumati, or citrus oil. Olives and citrus fruits are crushed together to produce a flavored oil that is perfect condiment for use on pasta, chicken or fish. Both Lemon and Orange oils come in 250ml. bottles.

If you prefer your olives in their natural form, we are now carrying three new Sicilian olives in our bulk section. The first is the Castelvetrano, an ash-cured olive that has a mild flavor and low salt content. Because they are cured with vegetable ash and not salt, they retain their brilliant green color and their crunchy texture.

The Nocellara del Belice olives come in both cracked and whole. These are the variety of olives used for Castelvetrano olives, but instead of ash-curing, they are cured in brine. The cracked version is saltier and softer in texture. We also carry both Nocellara del Belice and Castelvetrano olives in jars as well as in bulk.