product fillodough_apolloIf there's one product that we are known for, it's phyllo dough. Caterers and grandmas, church groups and restaurants: if you need phyllo, this is the place to get it. Why here? Because we sell cases of it week-in/week-out, all year around. Our phyllo doesn't sit in the corner of some tiny freezer waiting for you. It's kept fresh in the fridge because we get it shipped to us unfrozen and we don't freeze once it gets here.

You can use it as soon as you get home, and since it's fresh and never frozen, it's easy to work with. The paper-thin sheets don't stick together and don't crack when you work with them. Just keep the unused sheets covered while you work, and phyllo will become a simple and fun part of your home cooking.

And remember, there's no law (not yet, anyway) that says that only spinach and feta cheese or walnuts and honey may be wrapped in phyllo. We've rolled cocktail weinies in it after painting the sheets with olive oil for cool hors d'oeuvres, and we’ve folded squares of precooked and cooled salmon fillets into neat little packets. We've tried all kinds of cheeses and cooking greens, folding the sheets up like flags à la spanakopita with great success.

We have two phyllo products in stock now. There's the classic #4 size (with twenty-four sheets to a pound) that bakes up crispy and shatter at first bite. And we carry the #10 size (a thicker, home-style rustic phyllo with only eight sheets per pound) that holds up to wetter fillings like meat pies. There’s a recipe on the back of the #10 box using ground lamb and cinnamon that is fantastic!

There are also a few phyllo products in the freezer. Pre-made spanakopita and tyropita (no spinach) triangles, ready to pop into the oven at a moment's notice, are very popular. And kataifi, the shredded phyllo that is used to make little custard filled horns, and those beautiful birds nests with pistachios . Ah, so many kitchen projects, so little time.

And here’s Kelly’s Spinach and Feta Tart that uses phyllo sheets to such fine effect.